Looking to work with Kelley?

Thank you for you interest in working with Kelley! We are so glad you are here. Below is a quick application that will be sent to the Wellness by Kelley team. If you are a good match, we will contact you by email to schedule a call where we can discuss your goals, the WBK programs and what it's like to work with Kelley.    

Before you apply to work with Kelley, please note that our programs do not offer a quick fix. Applying to work with Kelley means that you are ready to do the work to create lasting change in your health and wellness. By submitting this application to work with Kelley, you are telling us that you are ready to go all in and invest your time, energy and finances.  

The Wellness by Kelley team is deeply committed to helping you feel good in your body and reach your wellness goals while enjoying your coaching experience!  

If you're ready to become the most vibrant, energetic and dynamic version of yourself RIGHT NOW then check out my WBK Mastermind.


This is a group coaching program designed to make a meaningful, lasting transformation in your health using small, easy-to-implement changes to your habits and lifestyle.


What Other Women Are Saying About Wellness By Kelley 



“When I started working with Kelley I was undereating, killing myself in the gym, fatigued, anxious, and stressed. 

In my time with Kelley, I have not only lost the extra weight I was holding on to, but learned how to honor my body and its needs. 

I’ve reduced my anxiety and stress to almost nothing, she helped me create daily practices to honor myself, and taught me how to heal my relationship with food and diet culture. 

I feel like a new person and am so thankful for her and her work. She’s truly changed my life for the better."


“I am so beyond proud of myself, and let me tell you why. 

I haven’t been able to fit in my favorite romper for the last two years. 

When I zipped it up, I couldn’t believe it and started crying tears of joy because of how far I’ve come! 

I learned to love myself and my body no matter what, and I promise you the moment you let go. 

Treat your body with respect and love; you will start seeing results. Couldn’t have done it without Kelley.”


“I have struggled with PTSD for about 20 years. I found out about 8 years ago that I have 15 food allergies. When I hit 40, my body and health changed dramatically.

I have been following Kelley’s meditations and flows and incorporating vegan recipes, and I feel so much better. My weight is under control, and my mental health is thriving!”