I'm in the sixth week of your course and membership; I signed up at the beginning of the year. I've never felt so strong and consistent. It's the first time I've done a program where I've actually been able to enjoy food and lose weight at the same time. Because the sessions are mostly 20-30 minutes, I'm not exhausted afterward. I love it—I'm a member for life.


“Words do not describe how much Kelley has changed my life for the better. She has taught me that putting my health first was the best decision I could have done for myself. I was constantly answering every email or text that came in right away and trying to help everyone else. When in reality I needed to help myself. She taught me supplements, meditation, a balanced workout routine and implementing the right foods can have such a positive influence on your life. My lab work over our time working together has drastically changed for the better. I feel the best I have ever been in my life and know her teachings will only take me to the next level. She has coached and shaped me to continue with these lifetime habits. Thank you Kelley for your wisdom, compassion and friendship.”

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“I have really struggled with my health and energy for approximately 10 years. My energy has been so low that it’s hard to function. I have tried so many things over the course of these years to feel better. I have worked with a naturopath and currently a functional medicine doctor, who is great for ordering my bloodwork and offering supplement suggestions. But nothing, and no one has helped as much as Kelley. She is so incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. I have learned more from her than anyone else. She goes over my bloodwork results and supplements in such great detail. She has given me so many ideas and suggestions to make changes in my health. She is so kind and encouraging and never once made me feel bad when I slipped up (it happens, changes are hard)! Instead, she helped me figure out what works best for me. If there were ever a rare time when she didn’t have an answer, she would research and figure it out for me. I am so happy to say that my blood work levels have improved, and so has my health and energy! I feel better than I have in years. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Kelley. She has truly helped me change my life, and I am so grateful for her.”

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“When I met Kelley, I had worked with a plethora of doctors, nutritionists, and healers and seen no results. I can confidently say that six months of working with Kelley was more transformative than any other experience I have had in the last 25 years. Kelley’s approach works because she looks at you as a whole person and approaches your issues from a holistic perspective.

When it came to my body, Kelley helped me in fostering a healthy (and effective) relationship with exercise, pinpointing my food sensitivities and removing them from my diet, running labs and building a supplement regimen tailored to my personal needs, significantly lowering my C-reactive protein level to reduce internal inflammation, reversing damage and eliminating symptoms from endometriosis, significantly increasing the health of my hair, skin and nails, weaning me completely off of the prescription sleeping medication I had been on for a decade, developing a food plan specifically for my needs, and eliminating bloat and digestive reactivity.

When it came to my mind, Kelley guided me through healing the thought patterns and limiting beliefs that lead me to a decade-long battle with my eating disorder, unlearning anger-based reactions, letting go of perfectionist tendencies, developing healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression, building deep self-trust, moving out of fear and into faith, getting clear on what I wanted out of life, setting goals and developing action plans, building in accountability into my daily life, reconnecting with my inner child, developing routines that keep me on track, and most significantly, helping me find my purpose (to become a coach myself!) and guiding me through every step of building my business, from finding a certification program to booking my first client.

When it came to my spirit, Kelley helped me in developing and maintaining a meditation practice that changed my life, becoming an avid journaler via weekly prompts, learning how to trust my intuition, providing a plethora of resources on spiritual healing (books, podcasts, etc.). Most of all, helping me open my mind to all of the possibilities that manifest when you trust the Universe!

After my first session with Kelley, I had so much excitement and hope for what the following six months would hold. While I will miss our bi-weekly meetings, I can confidently say that her program left me ready to take on the world, my new business, and the next chapter of my life with confidence and clarity. I feel empowered in my body, in charge of my own health, and deeply connected with the Universe and my own intuition. She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, passionate, honest, and deeply cares about her clients and members. The investment that I made in working with Kelley will be paying in dividends for the rest of my life—I cannot recommend her program, course, or membership enough.”


“When I started working with Kelley I was undereating, killing myself in the gym, fatigued, anxious, and stressed. In my time with Kelley, I have not only lost the extra weight I was holding on to but learned how to honor my body and it’s needs. I’ve reduced my anxiety and stress to almost nothing, she helped me create daily practices to honor myself, and taught me how to heal my relationship with food and diet culture. I feel like a new person and am so thankful for her and her work. She’s truly changed my life for the better."


“I am a 17-year-old senior in High School battling with bad acne. I asked my mom to book me an appointment at a dermatologist and she said she wanted me first to try a natural route with Kelley, a health coach. Kelley helped me work on my eating and stress levels and understand the things I needed to control outbreaks. I am happy to report with her help, my acne is almost gone and a Dermatologist is no longer needed.”


“I began working with Kelley to help me get on track with my meal planning and working out as well as for support with joint pain caused by early menopause. Her style is warm and caring and she is always ready to help you with any new issues that creep in. Kelley is very organized and professional and always reliable. During our time together, I have learned the benefits of plant-based eating and food combining. With her help and guidance, I have gotten into everyday workouts and Balanced blood sugar eating. I have enjoyed our journey together. She is very inspiring!”


“During COVID, my stress levels had increased and I had physical symptoms, unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life. I had constant pelvic burning along with bladder issues and went to several doctors and did several tests. I was left wondering if I would ever feel better and I felt hopeless. During this time, I had already been following Kelley for a while and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I began by consistently meditating using my meditation alter, journaling my feelings and the biggest changes of all included daily probiotics and pelvic therapy. During pelvic therapy (I swear by it), my PT recommended that I focus on yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. I signed up to be a Wellness by Kelley membership and it changed how I looked at exercise and my overall well-being. I began taking magnesium, which is also super helpful for people with pelvic/bladder issues. I continued probiotics, and I turned to slow and steady but impactful movements through Kelley’s website. My life has been transformed and for that, I am forever grateful. My pelvic issues have significantly decreased and I feel stronger with each workout. Kelley also inspires me to make those lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impact.”


“I am so beyond proud of myself, and let me tell you why. I haven’t been able to fit in my favorite romper for the last two years since I left NYC. When I zipped it up, I couldn’t believe it and started crying tears of joy because of how far I’ve come! I didn’t think it was going to zip and didn’t care about the outcome. I learned to love myself and my body no matter what, and I promise you the moment you let go. Treat your body with respect and love; you will start seeing results. Couldn’t have done it without Kelley.”


"WBK’s intentional programming took us on a brilliant journey! For me, it hit all the right notes, from introspection to release and triumph.  It was a perfect way to put a magnifying glass to the present internal and external circumstances of my life. The loving and generous space felt like a homecoming, a way to refocus, rebalance and prioritize. I am grateful to have the perspective and much-needed reflection to move forward in an empowered way."


“When I started following kelley, I was really looking for an account that I could get good advice from plant-based eating and who lived a healthy lifestyle. I found that with Kelley and so much more.

Kelly has played a huge role in my life and in my recovery without evening knowing she has. Over the years, I had done some major damage to my body. My skin was very dry and weathered, my physical and mental health was in shambles, and my life was falling apart and out of control.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Cancer and I ended up with an opiate dependency following an operation. The opiate dependency led me into years of drug abuse and absolute destruction to my mind, soul and body. I stopped caring about myself, and I lost all hope. I became very frail from weight loss and looked much older than I actually was. I stopped loving myself and valuing myself. I pushed people away who loved me and broke their trust and didn’t want to live anymore. I became someone I didn’t recognize in the mirror and said, and did things I am not proud of. I was a victim and blamed everyone but myself for my behavior. I literally felt entitled to use drugs because of things i had been through and my need to numb the pain. This was complete denial, and I knew I had to make a change. On a dreary December afternoon, I decided to take my own life, by the grace of God i was resuscitated and given a second chance.

THIS WAS MY WAKE UP CALL! The morning I got out of the hospital, I decided to reach out for help and check myself into rehab. It was not easy, and there were lots of bumps along the way. What I will say is that is when I started practicing yoga and meditation. I had seen Kelley’s beautiful pictures of her meditation space, and it gave me a sense of calm and peace and I knew that I wanted to create my own space. This is where my recovery and healing truly began!

I started taking responsibility for my actions, I stopped being a victim and decided to take my power back over my life. I realized that I was worthy of happiness and that my life was worth fighting for.

Kelley gave me the tools to be successful in loving my body, being mindful and showing myself grace and kindness. I learned to care for myself from the inside out.

Today I am clean and sober, I have learned to love myself again, I have begun healing not just my heart and mind but my skin and my body as a whole. I feel like I found a community with Wellness by Kelley that I can draw strength from when I feel frustrated or have self-doubt. I am so proud of where I am today and want to thank Kelley for everything she has done for me; what’s crazy about social media is that we can impact someone without even knowing that person. Please know that you are beautiful and loved and worthy and that there is always someone out there that is willing to help you no matter what you’re going through. You just have to take that first step in reaching out. I have never publicly shared my story. It’s a very vulnerable place to talk about tough things, but these are challenging times we live in, and as women, it’s so important to support each other.”


“Last year, I was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis. It was first in my scalp, and spread to my face. Drs kept prescribing me steroid creams, which thins the skin. It would become inflamed. It would be bright red. It would flake. It would dry up on my face. If I were stressed, it would come back with a vengeance. It came back every other week and stayed for days. It was so embarrassing. During COVID, I was happy to wear a mask to cover it."


“Kelley has been an amazing coach over these last 6 months! Her knowledge in nutrition, meditation, yoga, and self-care is absolutely incredible! She has taught me so much, I’m truly grateful. Knowing that I have the power within me, to be the best version of myself is so rewarding. Thank you for helping me to create changes that will last a lifetime! Kelley, you’re a golden light in this world! ”


“Meditation has helped me so much. I practice in the morning and before bed. I am breathing through stress. I am taking quiet time to pause at the beginning and end of my day. I also read the Daily Stoic and use the Animal Spirit Cards. It’s not always perfect, but it has been an amazing addition to my routine. I have also been drinking celery juice and trying out recipes. Love the buffalo cauliflower with your suggested vegan ranch! Thank you for all the amazing content!”


I've been a WBK member since November 2021, and I don't think I can ever live without it because I look forward to meditations and workouts every day. I also have done the Hormone Balancing course. I am a much better version of myself. I am less stressed, more focused, have more energy to do different activities then 10 years ago and really enjoying life.

I am nourishing myself and my family with whole foods, learning about foods I can incorporate into my diet that didn't know had such health benefits and lost 10lbs without hating my way to it."


“I have struggled with PTSD for about 20 years. I found out about 8 years ago that I have 15 food allergies. When I hit 40, my body and health changed dramatically. I have been following Kelley’s meditations and flows and incorporating vegan recipes, and I feel so much better. My weight is under control, and my mental health is thriving.”


“I am a runner and a gym rat, but with the advent of COVID and living in Arizona with very high temps and gym closures, I was forced to re-evaluate what I have always done in the past. I recently experienced a complete block. I found myself using excuses that I didn’t have enough time, that I didn’t have a meditation room, didn’t have an altar, etc. After watching one of your guided meditations, I realized I was camouflaging a deeper-rooted issue. After watching one of your guided meditations, I jumped on Amazon and purchased a journal and deck of Wisdom for Healing Cards. I’ve been learning so much about myself as a result.”


“At first, I’ve been trying to hit the core and sweat enough until I realized I was actually stressing too much, which was not helping at all. I’d end up eating rewarding meals to satisfy myself. After following WBK, I realized how slow workouts, along with a positive aspect of your body and celery juice in the morning was all I needed. I had been fasting to lose weight but eating healthy, and patience is the real-life hack I learned from Kelly. I lost 11 lbs, and my body is toned. I’m so grateful."

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