Why You Should Be Getting Your Hormones Checked

lifestyle wellness Apr 05, 2021

As you all know, I really struggled with an eating disorder when I was younger. No one really knew the wiser because I was at a healthy weight and BMI, and to the outside world, the habits I had looked like they were healthy when in reality, they were the furthest thing from it. It took me a long time to share this part of my story because of the shame and stigma that come with it, but I think that so many women struggle and don’t realize it can cause health risks, so it’s important for me to share.

Because of my restriction with food and constant pushing with movement, I was constantly feeling exhausted. But you would have thought with the low calorie and the high intensity, I would lose weight, right? NOPE. I was gaining it like crazy. My hair was falling out, and I was always irritable. On top of that, I went to countless doctors when I lost my period, and they all said I seemed healthy. Nothing else seemed abnormal. I should get on the birth control pill. But that didn’t solve the problem, and I wanted to know WHY.

Finally, I went to see a naturopath who my mom was seeing, Dr. Valorie Davison. She’s absolutely incredible. She talked to me about how stress, restrictive eating, and over-exercising can harm your hormones. She suggested I get my cortisol and thyroid panels checked. Let’s say her suspicions were 100% correct. My stress hormones were through the roof because of my go go go lifestyle, and my thyroid (which regulates your metabolism and is connected to your female sex hormones) was severely suffering.

Once I figured out the issues, the power was in my hand to make some significant changes. Nowadays, I sleep so much better and have so much energy. It’s like I don’t even remember who that girl I once was.

The first step was healing my relationships with food, movement, and my body. I asked for help. Found a therapist and a health coach who could hold my hand through the entire healing process. Once I was able to change my mindset and begin to love my body as it was, the less I was constantly trying to force it to change, the less stress I put on it both mentally and physically, and the easier it was for my body to heal.

From there, here are a few general tips to help balance hormones, no matter what the issue is:

  1. Eat whole food- Whole, unprocessed foods are easier for your body to break down and allow for maximum nutrient absorption, which is key in healing. Packaged foods are highly processed and filled with sugars, salt, pesticides, and additives that affect the body.
  2. Balance your blood sugar- remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for your blood sugar balance. Imbalanced blood sugar is one of the most common underlying causes of hormonal imbalance. Spikes in blood sugar trigger the release of adrenal hormones, stress hormones that signal to your body that you’re in “fight or flight” mode. This can trigger insulin resistance and create hormonal imbalances and inflammation, resulting in PMS, anovulation, irregular cycles, and even PCOS. Make sure you’re getting quality sources of protein — it’s one of the most important macros to ensure you’re keeping things stable and don’t have any muscle loss.
  3. Cut out dairy- Dairy is a known inflammation causer. It increases acidity in the body and often contains artificial hormones & antibiotics: known endocrine disruptors that deplete minerals such as magnesium. There is a strong correlation between PMS and overconsumption of dairy products. Most people are sensitive to dairy, and over-consuming it causes symptoms such as hormonal acne, difficult periods, and digestive upset.
  4. Low impact movement-  When the body is already under an immense amount of stress, it’s critical to be gentle with it. I was so stressed that my reproductive hormones and thyroid shut down to compensate for my stress hormones. But no matter what imbalance you’re going through, moving your body gently is a sure-fire way to detox while not throwing off your delicate balance appropriately
  5. Connect with mindfulness- For me, this is really key to ensure I’m not slipping into the old habits that would throw me off track. I naturally run anxious and overwhelmed, so it’s important to be mindful of the people in my life, ensure they’re not toxic, and manage my to-do list so that it never gets out of control. To really give me permission to allow peace into my life.
  6. Drink plenty of water- It was something I really struggled with before. I was the queen of diet soda and coffee. But water is what keeps our body functioning optimally. It allows for energy levels to be high and improves digestion.
  7. Check for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies- If you’re deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, it could exacerbate a hormonal issue.

Getting my hormones rebalanced was the best thing I ever did for myself and, honestly, the people around me. You can do it holistically!

I feel more energized and better in my body than ever before. I used to walk around like a total zombie! Exhausted, overwhelmed, and constantly bloated. But when you have the information you need to make the appropriate change — that becomes your greatest motivator! And when your hormones are imbalanced, you are in a better place to live and a longer, more vital life!

If you’re not feeling like yourself and want more info, You'll love the course I'm putting together for you that will allow you to dive much deeper into hormones and healing coming this May!