What I do at Night that’s Better than TV

lifestyle Nov 24, 2021

You guys know that TV at night is one of the biggest disrupters of sleep. The way that the blue light from the TV inhibits your brain from producing melatonin is what causes you to either not be able to fall asleep or stay asleep. For me, watching TV was always my way to unwind, so it was one of the hardest habits to break. I know it is for clients I work with too! That’s why I wanted to offer you this list of things you can do instead, so you wake up going forward feeling refreshed and energized!

Things to do at night instead of watching TV

  • Take an Epsom salt bath with some relaxing jazz music. You can listen to the WBK playlist; it’s so calming.
  • Talk to your partner - this starts to slip when you have kids, I know, but it feels SO GOOD! Chad and I like to talk about where we’ll be in 5 years over a glass of wine (sparkling cider for me rn lol).
  • Stretch and foam roll - I do a stretching series every night while listening to an audiobook. It just removes any tension from my body before sleep - there are some great stretching and restorative sequence on the app!
  • Clean up and get ready for the next day - I’ve never regretted being prepared and having a clean house.
  • Read a book! I love novels for nighttime for my brain to unwind — a few great ones I’ve read recently are: Apple Never Falls, The Disappearing Act, and The Guilt Trip.
  • Bake or make overnight oats — the WBK overnight oats and the chia pudding are great breakfast options that can settle overnight in the fridge.
  • Call a friend and catch up; I don’t really have time for this during the day between west and work, so nights are the best time to chat with my bests.
  • Go for a walk - we always take the dogs after dinner and it’s such a nice way to help food digest.
  • Meditate - there are so many good WBK sleep meditations that will help you drift off and get a sound nights sleep.
  • Get a massage - we love doing this a couple of times a month. To me, it’s such an indulgence to get a massage and then roll right into bed.
  • Give yourself a facial - I love to do an exfoliator, a mask, and then a nice moisturizer.
  •  Journal - it’s such a good way to get things off your mind at night, so you’re not laying in bed with a racing mind about all your to-dos for the next day.
  •  Hair washing!! - another thing I don’t really have time for during the day, but at nice it feels so nice to take my time with this.
  • Have sex! If you have a partner, this is what your bed is for 😉


What do you do at night if you’re not watching TV?