Ways to Boost Your Energy Daily

lifestyle wellness Feb 06, 2021

I know with the weather last week that I was definitely not feeling the energy I usually do. There’s definitely something that sunshine does for my mood and motivation. But if you’re feeling that slump regularly, it’s important to reflect on the diet and lifestyle choices that may be draining. Whether it is the food you’re eating or a lack of sleep, or mental and emotional burnout, there are a few ways you can naturally boost your energy. Here are some effective practices that you can implement into your daily routines that don’t involve coffee!


  1. Get more sleep. Ya ya, I know this is obvious, but seriously we are always in go go go mode in today’s society. And we need to give ourselves permission to rest. When you don’t, you actually can burn out your adrenal glands and can cause long term damage that’s a lot harder to come back from. Missing a few hours of sleep consistently can have various effects, from feeling lethargic and grumpy to memory issues, mood, and weight gain. So note if you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night. It’s what we as humans need to keep going. If not — begin to establish a good nighttime routine where you’re away from your phone and TV, the room is quiet, cool, and dark and you can really wind down and allow your body to produce adequate amounts of melatonin.
  2. Increase your vitamin B 12 intake. B 12 helps your body to make red blood cells and carry out other DNA functions. It’s one of the main vitamins that turns the food you eat into available glucose you can use for energy. Vitamin B 12 can’t be made in your body, so you have to get it from food or supplements. Here is the one I like! It’s also found in dietary sources of animal products like eggs, meat, and fish. If you’re plant-based like me, I highly recommend taking a b complex, which includes all the water-soluble b vitamins so you can never overdose. Any extra you may have, you just pee out!
  3. Vitamin D. Almost half of the American adults are deficient in vitamin D and this can cause low energy levels. Vitamin D is a hormone and every cell in your body has a receptor site for it. Not only does it play a role in your energy levels, but it also influences your immune system, weight, mood, and bones. Since it’s wintertime, more of us are spending more time indoors, which means it may be time to supplement with a vitamin D supplement if you’re not getting enough from the sun!
  4. Eat more fiber and plant protein. We all know that food is fuel and the type of food you put into your body directly affects how you feel physically and mentally. Having more fiber and plant protein allows you to feel fuller for longer without weighing you down. Fiber will help to flush out toxins that make you feel sluggish while plant protein feeds your muscles. I strive to have 4 cups of greens/day + lots of veggies and get plant protein from beans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Check out my recipes in the recipes guide! They’re all made with Whole Foods that pack in fiber and protein.


  1. Avoid processed sugar. Foods that are high in processed sugar cause your blood sugar to spike, which is the opposite of what we want! And after the spike comes the crash, which causes your energy levels to crash too. This means that post-sugar high crash of fatigue, bad moods, and brain fog.


  1. Deep breathing. Until someone tells you, we often don’t realize we’re taking short, shallow chest breaths all day. But taking bigger, more expansive breaths into your belly brings new oxygen and new life into your body. Not only will pausing take some deep breaths to bring you more energy, but it will also foster clarity and focus. Breath-work is a great tool for daily motivation and learning to breathe more deeply on a consistent basis is grounds for deep healing.


  1. Stretch. We all know that exercise gives us endorphins and leaves us feeling high on life! Stretching before and after a workout is important because it increases blood flow to make nutrients more available to your whole body. Stretching is refreshing and it will rejuvenate your body and your energy levels. If you’re sitting a lot at a desk or working from home, try one of my stretch-focused flows to boost your mood! Feeling stiff is never motivating, so get moving!


How do you stay energized throughout the day?! I’d love to know your tips and tricks too!


I’m available to dive deeper if you feel like your energy is consistently low. We can get to the root cause of the problem and solve it with lifestyle changes, diet, and supplements to get you back to feeling your most vital. Click  here to book a consultation with me.