Tips for younger women to balance hormones: let’s talk weight, sex & fertility

lifestyle wellness Jul 07, 2021

There is this crazy myth that you don’t have to worry about your hormones until menopause. Like I can drink like a fish and party all night, skimping on sleep, and eat like total crap, but it won’t phase me. I mean, that’s the mentality I had in my 20s! 

The truth is that is a myth even most doctors believe. Many hormone levels, including estrogen and progesterone, start to fall in your TWENTIES! While other hormones like your stress hormone cortisol can start to rise because of life’s stressors and a poor diet, pulling everything out of whack.  Women younger than thirty may not yet feel affected by the aging process, but perhaps they want to get pregnant or avoid the wrinkles they see on their mom’s faces. That's why I’m here with tips to balance your hormones for my younger ladies.


If you feel fabulous, I mean I do at 31 - figure out the hormonal metrics for what is your best: TSH, free T3, free T4, DHEAS, free and total testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone. This will provide what baseline is for YOU before you hit some of the rockier hormonal ups and downs that lie ahead. I would recommend these same tests for someone who’s not feeling great to understand the root cause of their problem.

If you’re wondering about egg quality and fertility, consider testing FSH, AMH, and estradiol. Assuming the results about your fertility will be helpful, having the knowledge in your hands will empower you!


94% of us need 8 + hours/night to keep our cortisol in check. So set your bedroom to between 67-72 degrees, do a wind-down routine that doesn’t involve screens, and take a magnesium pill an hour before bed.


I personally have set boundaries around the time that is just for me. So that I can better serve everyone else and not overwhelm my nervous system, what does that look like? Meditation every morning for at least 10 minutes, movement at least 5 days per week, the time between work and family time even if it’s just a few breaths. Movement, in particular, is a crucial habit to have for balance. It makes all hormonal flux easier to manage and keeps your metabolism from declining.


I hate to say it, but it's time to turn DOWN if you want to feel good. For a lot of women, it’s hard not to overeat and over drink - it’s woven into our social fabric. But I’ve got news for you, as American women, we eat too much, drink too much, and give too much, yet we’re still hungry. Check out my post on emotional hunger for more on this! But it’s time to get the bingeing under control. Ask for help, no matter what your age, whether it’s a coach or a therapist, there is someone who can help you get through. I spent years eating and drinking to soothe and what I learned is it does the exact opposite. It hurts you more. Your one precious life needs you present and to have a good relationship with food and alcohol.

  1. SEX.

Yep, I said it. Don’t fall into the mom-trap of putting great sex on the back burner, another item on the to-do list. Your sexual energy will fuel the rest of your vitality and propel you toward your greater purpose, AND helps to keep hormones balanced!

So whether you’re feeling great or have some work to do, I hope that this list was helpful!!