Taking Your Healing to the Next Level

lifestyle wellness Feb 25, 2021

At least once a day I get a message from someone on Instagram or in an email that they’ve tried every diet, detox, or program – that they’re practicing the meditation and affirmations, they’ve listened to all the self-help podcasts and they’re promising themselves they’re going to be committed THIS time.

And then they go on to share, “but nothing has worked, why do I still feel …







You can read all the books and say all the affirmations, listen to all the podcasts and make a million promises to yourself but it won’t be true until you take ACTION.

And that’s where I come in – to help you take action.

Just stop and imagine what life would be like if:

- You stopped fighting your body and felt at home in it.

- Where you could lower inflammation and balance your hormones and finally lose the

resistant weight and improve your digestion.

- Envision being so connected to your values, other people’s opinions and thoughts

could never shake you!

You might be thinking another pill or detox will solve the problem – but I’m here to tell you WONT.

And then you’re asking yourself, well how does SHE know?

Well, because I used to have the same mentality. I used to think I was the only one with this chronic fatigue, lack of passion and purpose, and resistant weight that made me feel like I wasn’t in my own body. But now that I see clients and have relationships with my Instagram following, I know that it wasn’t just me. So many women walk around feeling less than mediocre and more like crap.

They think that to feel good. It means having to force a workout you don't have the energy for, eating absolutely NO carbs, saying yes to everything, and everyone over taking time for themselves. But you know what that leads to - burnout and feeling even WORSE.  And on top of that, when you go to the doctor and discuss your concerns, you may often hear, you need to eat less and exercise more - being told you’re a calculator rather than a complex human being. In today’s world, you’re told over and over again that you’re the problem - rather than being taught a solution.

The answer is to look at you as a whole person. 

To solve the root cause of what’s causing all of your symptoms. 

Discuss your mental, physical, and emotional health - because what nourishes goes far beyond what’s on your plate. 

Finally, slow down to make more empowered and connected decisions and have less anxiety. 

To move gently and finally learn to listen to your body. 

To eat more whole foods that nourish you on a cellular level and improve energy and digestion. 

To serve a purpose beyond your self-interest to feel fulfilled at the end of each day.

These answers may seem out of reach right now, but trust me - as someone who’s come a long, long way - they’re not. 

That’s why I’m here to help you.

These are the answers I will help guide you to in our 6-month coaching program.

My private 6-month coaching program will focus on you and your unique challenges and goals. Together, we will work through whatever health issues you may be facing that are inhibiting you from living your most vibrant life. You will learn to create lifestyle shifts that will have a profound impact on your overall vitality through my individualized protocols, create habits to set you up to be your most efficient and effective in your work and personal life, and become more connected to the choices you’re making by getting back to your values and tapping into your intuition. I will be your guide to help you every step of the way as we get to the root of whatever it is that is causing you to feel unwell so that you can live a happy, healthy, and balanced life and feel better than you ever could have imagined.

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