Read for a Better Body Image

Jan 19, 2023

I recently went to a Joe Dispenza event where he was talking about how a belief is something that we keep thinking about. It’s a thought you replay in your mind over and over again that you eventually come to believe is true.


On top of that, he said that as humans we have about 65,000 thoughts per day. 90% of thoughts are the same thoughts. The same thoughts lead to the same choices. The same choices lead to the same behavior. The same behavior leads to the same experiences and the same experiences lead to the same emotions. Those same emotions drive more of the same thoughts.


From the time you were very young, you were exposed to other people’s body beliefs. Mom, sister, dad, and friends. And those beliefs of other people have likely become your way of thinking through comments directed at you, words said around you, and media messages. These experiences as I mentioned above drive emotions that generate thoughts about yourself. You create this internalized meaning, and it becomes part of the inner story that you are constantly telling yourself.


After working to heal my own body image and now with 100s of women, I know how hard it can be to listen to that inner critic.


So let’s start with why so many women have struggled with their body image. It’s not your body’s fault. You don’t need to be fixed. What’s created this issue for so many of us is diet culture and the $70 billion industry that promotes an unrealistic image of what every woman “should” look like. Their intention is to make people feel awful about their bodies, sell a program and make money. As humans, we are hard-wired to feel safe and loved, and accepted so when you're reinforcing a belief system that,

“You’re not enough unless you lose weight”

Of course, people are going to want to BUY whatever the solution is. A total marketing scheme.

Now you want to improve your body image, rather than wasting your money constantly on a new cleanse or diet, or program? I want you to know that a positive body image doesn’t mean being in love with your body's looks every day. That mindset will keep you trapped in unrealistic expectations and endless pressure to keep “fixing”.


Having a more positive body image actually means:

  • Separating WHO you are from your body (separating your self-worth from HOW your body looks).
  • Having the ability to love yourself and make respectful choices for your body in moments when you don’t love the way it looks.
  • Working to shift your mindset and change the limiting beliefs to ones that allow you to embrace HEALTH and offer yourself compassion.


So whip out your journal and let’s start today.

I want you to think of yourself as someone with a more positive body image. That version of you offers yourself compassion and care and respect even on the days you don’t love how your body looks. A version of you who DOESNT over-exercising or under-eating or looking in the mirror pinching your stomach. Not someone in a different body, but who you are today. That version of you is connected to her body and honors her needs.

What beliefs does that version of you hold that makes this new body image experience possible?

If you’re ready to dive deeper into self-worth, a positive body image, and changing your mindset email me [email protected]