No More Dieting this Summer

Aug 17, 2023

No More Dieting this Summer




I hope you’re having an amazing week. 


Currently, my focus is on our family vacation to the beach, and I’m so looking forward to it. I can’t wait to lay in the sunshine and soak up some time with the fam. 


Although the pressure associated with weight loss tends to amplify as summer approaches, I have made a deliberate decision these last few years not to partake in any dieting or weight loss efforts prior to vacation. In the past, I have invested too many years in attempting to manipulate my body before any beach travel. When I would put the vacation on my calendar, I would feel panic and start counting down, calculating the time remaining to achieve an ideal state of “beach body ready" but ya know what? It never worked out. 


During these periods, I would create these extremely strict eating and exercise plans, endure immense anxiety, and obsess over topics such as the amount of weight I had or needed to lose, which foods to consume or avoid, and the extent of guilt I should experience in relation to my dietary choices. Consequently, I became so absorbed in thoughts of how to become physically smaller that I would detach from the present moment, effectively 'blacking out' from my real-life experiences.


Ultimately, this relentless pursuit of willpower left me feeling overwhelmed and desperate. Inevitably, I would succumb to eating anything within reach. Rarely did I manage to adhere to my plan until the trip itself, leading to uncontrolled binges once I got there. These episodes of excessive eating resulted in physical discomfort (resembling what I previously referred to as a 'food hangover'), emotional distress (overwhelming guilt and disappointment in myself), and mental unease (extraordinary levels of negative self-talk).


I found that this entire cycle only perpetuated a recurring sense of discomfort. It took me years to realize that the sacrifices I made were ultimately not worthwhile. The weeks spent consumed by thoughts of attaining a flat stomach in a bikini caused me to miss out on the beauty of life. The anxiety associated with food and the subsequent guilt, shame, and disappointment were not worth the pursuit of perfection. Feeling terrible about myself simply because I was not smaller was unjustifiable. The exhaustion resulting from this vicious cycle was not worth the effort. Lastly, the discomfort experienced after indulging in foods that were not part of my plan was unwarranted.


As we end the summer season, I want to invite you to join my private coaching program focused on balancing your hormones and cultivating a positive body image.


Throughout this program, I help encourage you to shift your perspective from merely regarding yourself as a numerical representation on a scale or a dress size. Instead, I want to guide you toward seeing yourself as a complete being, encompassing your heart, feelings, thoughts, dreams, energy, and presence. Recognizing that your physical body serves as a vessel for these integral aspects of your being, I will help you refrain from hyper-focusing on its arbitrary "numbers" that may inadvertently lead to detrimental behaviors. Through introspection, we will facilitate a thorough evaluation of your actions in relation to your holistic self.


Take some time to think about a vacation that left you with a profound sense of fulfillment. What were the factors that contributed to this experience? Chances are, your attention was not solely fixated on scrutinizing your body in the mirror or obsessing over the numbers on a scale throughout the entire duration. This realization encouraged me to explore my own childhood memories to find instances of pure fun. Picture running along the beach,  indulging in refreshing good food, and sharing laughter and presence. It became evident that true enjoyment, for me, revolved around engaging with my people and surroundings. 


It is essential to remember that each day holds equal significance. The day before a vacation or even next Wednesday, they’re all just another day. By perceiving every day as an opportunity to be in your body, you can alleviate the pressures associated with vacation. Your needs may fluctuate from day to day, so your focus should be on what you need at this moment. I view each day as an opportunity to practice self-kindness, partake in activities that bring us joy, indulge in nourishing food to sustain our energy, embrace loved ones, embark on new adventures, experience moments of laughter and tears, and allow ourselves to rest. We acknowledge the importance of forgiveness when we occasionally stumble off this path of self-care. Devoting ourselves to nurturing our complete selves every day empowers us to remain grounded amidst the outside noise of weight loss. 


Join me and embark on a journey of body image empowerment. Together, we will foster a profound sense of self-acceptance and guide you toward experiencing life's joys with a newfound liberation and balanced hormones.