Manifest Your Dream Life in 2021

lifestyle Jan 21, 2021

As we move into this new year I want to take a little time with you to reflect (totally judgment-free like we do in meditation). 

As you look back on 2020 I want to ask you a few questions so you can set yourself free of anything that has been holding you back.

So remember. No judgment... 

Did you feel free to be exactly who YOU are? 

Did you come back to the practices you know make you feel good? Or when the anxiety or tough feelings came up did you push them down with food, shopping or alcohol? 

Did you set up boundaries to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? 

Did you listen to your body? Give it the rest it needs? Or just power through another workout to punish yourself for foods you didn’t think were good enough. 

Did you allow yourself to rest? 

Were you gentle with yourself when things didn’t go your way? 

Did you stop to do things with your loved ones even though the to-do list was a mile long? 

Did you look at the challenges as growing pains - here to teach you lessons and help you to evolve? 

Just notice these things - release what isn’t serving you anymore. 

Take all of the things that feel hard and that are creating resistance and let them freaking GO.  What I work with so many of my clients on goes beyond the physical and starts with our mindset. Because that’s what dictates how we live our lives. 

So with the start to this new year ask yourself this - what aligns with what YOU want. No should’s or have to. What are your desires and how can you bring more presence to them? 

When you show up with intention with what’s true to YOU, that’s how you live your most joyful life. That’s when the body you desire, the career you’ve dreamed of, and the peace you want to be grounded in all fall into place. No people-pleasing or perfectionism here. Just truly getting back to and honoring who you are without one ounce of guilt. 

In order to grow, we have to become aware of what’s holding us back. So ask yourself this as we move into this new year: 

What would be possible if you were completely aligned with who you are? 

  -improved energy 

-better digestion 

-total confidence 

-less anxiety 

When you drop off what works for everyone else and tune into you - the potential is endless. You lower your stress levels, you nourish yourself from a connected place, you’re more gentle with your body and you KNOW what brings you fulfillment. 

Really take time and explore these questions.


What came up for you? 

I’d love to offer you support to come into alignment with body mind and spirit through my membership program and my 1:1 coaching. Where we will create a healthy happy life together that gives you what you need to feel your best. Where we will build more self-trust in an effort to make more gentle compassionate choices with movement, food, and fulfillment.