Kroma Wellness Detox: My Real Review

Sep 14, 2023

Kroma Wellness Detox: My Real Review


Ok — so if you've been here for a while, you know after years of wasting my money on countless cleanses and detoxes, I am not a fan.

That said, Kroma is NOT your average cleanse / detox where:

a. you're not eating food for a week, leaving you starving and foggy

b. The results are not sustainable because the second you go back to eating the food you were deprived of, you gain all the weight back

Kroma is redefining this whole concept. It's a WELLNESS company. The whole point of the 5-day reset that I did, is that they offer an opportunity to get back on track or heighten your motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle by nourishing your body WITHOUT deprivation.

I get to interview the founder, Lisa Odenweller on the podcast coming up and the whole reason I was inspired to interview her and try the reset in the first place is because of her mission: She believes "we can all benefit from a reset from time-to-time. I've always approached 'cleansing' more as a reset, an opportunity to not only get back on track but to create new habits and behaviors that set you up for long-term success. Not just a quick fix weight loss moment but a true change in lifestyle.”

... and I couldn't agree more! After 6 weeks of this summer spent being away from home, not cooking in my kitchen, and eating a lot of takeout, I was definitely ready for a reset. Something to allow me to feel more grounded in my habits that make me feel my best.

So let me tell you guys a little bit about how my experience with the Kroma reset went, because I promise it's different, and so much more sustainable and enjoyable than any other "detox" you've ever done.

Kroma comes to your door

Nothing can prepare you for the spectacular Kroma box that arrives at your doorstep. The $395 5-Day Lifestyle Reset contains color-coded, numerical sachets of “highly functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages” that not only outline all that you eat and drink daily but are inscribed with encouraging messages. We all know I am a big believer in the mind-body connection and the importance of what we're thinking as we engage in something like a reset. “The greatest journey is the one within,” one reads. “Your daily actions add up to the life of your dreams,” says another. This built-in mental boost is exactly what I needed going into something that felt a bit more unknown. As I went through the packet (and even in my research before deciding to do the cleanse) I decided to go with the ACTIVE version of the cleanse, meaning you still eat real whole food as you enjoy the powdered superfoods and drinks.

Eat, Drink… And Remain HAPPY.

So once you open the box, you'll see that each color-coded day provides ten items to eat and drink, plus as I said, you can add in your own additional food if you're more active! There are also packets of their delicious matcha and OMG Cookie Butter for a treat! While there are a bunch of different variations to the menu, here's a sample of what one day looks like:

Breakfast: Beauty Matcha with Collagen, Super Porridge, Hydration Elixir, and Superfood Smoothie where I added coconut, greens, and avocado!

Lunch: Broth, Supergreens Elixir and I also had a big green salad on the side

Afternoon: Cookie Butter Energy Snack and an Afternoon Anti-inflammatory Latte

Evening: Broth, Calming + Repair Magnesium and I also had some sushi and a seaweed salad

Kroma’s $475 deluxe edition, which I received, contains several exclusive Kroma essentials to indulge in or use through the reset: an oversized spoon, an ‘Elemental’ tumbler, three “Change Your Life” Chai sachets, a frother to perfect lattes and so many fun cute items to make the whole experience exciting as you begin to transform your lifestyle. All these little extras PLUS the fact that you literally never go hungry, make this reset amazing because you never get to the point where you feel HANGRY. From day 1 all the way through day 5, while I knew that I was ADDING good foods that were cleansing to my plate, I never felt deprived.


By day 2, I wasn't reaching for an afternoon matcha because my 3 p.m. slump that I had picked up over the summer had completely subsided! That quickly, I felt clearer, lighter, and like I had fewer cravings because of all of the adaptogens, antioxidants, and superfoods I was consuming.


So let's talk about how I felt POST cleanse because it was COMPLETELY different than anything I had ever experienced in the past. By noon I wasn't completely starving and irritable, unable to do my work, I actually felt clearer than ever before! That led me to log onto to purchase more “Daily Essentials” -- Super Porridge, OMG Cookie Butter, and Veggie Broth with Miso -- because now I don’t want to live without them! There is no other reset with a stronger commitment to nourishment over starvation I've ever seen on the market and that's why this is SO different. When I invest in something, I want sustainable results and there's no better feeling than being less bloated, freeing yourself from the noose of the 3 p.m. slump, and finally sourcing energy from natural foods rather than overindulging in sugar and caffeine that leave you feeling worse hours later.


Going forward, I plan to enjoy the Daily Essentials as a part of my day-to-day wellness routine and I'll be returning to the reset as often as I feel like it's necessary because the program is customizable and focuses on nourishment over starvation. It's made so that you can truly do it as often as you want and it won't cause low blood sugar or high cortisol!


Experience this dynamic reset for yourself and use it however you need it.

To improve bloating, to help with weight loss, and to improve sleep, there are so many uses all outlined in the reset guidelines.  

Use KELLEY20 for 20% off your next purchase.