Intentions You'll Want to Keep Rather Than Resolutions That Never Last

Dec 29, 2022

About a decade ago, I traded my food rules for intuitive eating. In doing so, I also traded the resolutions (which were always about losing weight) for a different ritual. This ritual is something that’s allowed me to feel more in tune with my values, hopes, and dreams.


In December, I take time to reflect on this past year.. asking myself things like:


With the goals, I set for myself this year...

Did I take the steps to get there?


If not, do I still want to go in that direction?


If yes, what did I do to get there?


What am I willing to do to continue to go in that direction?


If not, what direction do I want to go in instead?


Then as I ease into January I like to get really clear on what I want to accomplish in the new year. Once you've taken the time to go through these questions I think it's really helpful to share the responses with someone you love. Someone who is close to you. Someone who can help to hold you accountable.


What do I want to be experiencing personally, professionally, and in my relationships 12 months from now?


What do I believe having those things that I desire will allow me to feel?


Do I have any fears about experiencing the things that I desire? Is there a lingering concern about what other people might think of me?


If there is a part of me that is afraid, how can I offer that part of my compassion?


What are my core values?


If I could wave a magic wand, what would I want to see realized personally, professionally, and in my relationships?


How would I feel if my wishes come true?


How do I want to show up for myself this year? In my work? In my relationships?


What limiting beliefs have stopped me from accomplishing my goals in the past that I am ready to release?


What promises can I make to my future self?


What intentions do I want to make?


What action steps do I need to take to get there?


If you're ready to take these intentions and turn them into a powerful transformation, I'm here to help. This week is the last week to sign up for my 1:1 program for 2023!

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Wishing you and yours the happiest and healthiest New Year! X