Do you feel like you’re calorie counting and still gaining weight?

Jul 07, 2022

Are you a calorie counter?


I know I sure used to be… I tracked every morsel of food that went into my mouth. Living in so much fear that the next bite would be a pound added to the scale.


Measuring, weighing, logging … it was EXHAUSTING.


so if you’re a calorie counter how many calories are you logging



And somehow you still have belly fat… or weight you just cannot lose…


I’ve got some good news for you… this is NOT enough food


I know, it doesn’t sound like good news at first. It sounds really scary. You’re probably thinking to yourself... if I eat more food... I’m going to gain weight.


Here’s why that’s just not the case:


When you’re not eating enough food then


Your blood sugar balance becomes dysregulated

Your cortisol goes up

You have MORE cravings for sugar and processed foods

You can start to have estrogen deficiency where you may lose your period

You start to put on weight faster


So you think “I’m dieting and exercising and doing all the right things… what’s wrong with ME?!”


All that’s happening is that 1200 calories aren’t enough food for anyone. Period. And that lack of nourishment is a stressor on the body. The lack of protein and fat causes hormonal disruption because protein and fat are the building blocks of hormones.


There’s nothing wrong with you... your body is just crying out for more fuel and when you don’t listen and you override those cues your body goes into fight or flight … and in its intuitive wisdom it stores food as fat so it can use it for fuel later .. all as a way to keep you safe.


The good news is that you can eat MORE food without gaining weight, it’s all about balancing your blood sugar and nourishing those hormones. If you’re interested in learning more email me [email protected]