How often are you waking up feeling stressed and overwhelmed?


Do you find it hard to quiet the noise that surrounds your everyday life?  


What would you do differently if you knew how stress impacts your health? 


What if I told you that in just one week, I could have you feeling better and listening to your body? 


Imagine a world where you could tune into your body's signals and respond with ease.


Introducing the 

Mindfulness and Body Awareness Course - your gateway to a transformative journey within.


In a world that never stops...

Carving out time for introspection is absolutely necessary. Creating mindfulness and becoming aware of the signals your body is trying to give you offer a sanctuary for self-connection and a better understanding of what our needs and priorities are. It’s an opportunity to detach from the chaos and expectations of the external world.  

That's where this Mindfulness and Body Awareness course comes in.

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What you'll learn in this course...

  • Harness the Power of Mindfulness: Learn how the mind-body connection influences your well-being and cultivate presence and awareness in your daily life so that you can listen to the messages your body is giving you and make better decisions with your health and become calmer in your day-to-day to-dos.
  • Unlock the Art of Journaling: Discover how this practice engages the mind-body connection, promotes relaxation, self-connection and stress reduction. When you learn how to journal in a way that engages self-connection, you’re better able to gain clarity on what you need to transform your health and wellbeing.
  • Learn Helpful Breathwork Techniques: Learn techniques that will help to center yourself amidst life's demands and bring down cortisol levels so that you feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

Ask yourself:

Are you ready to use the mind-body connection to heal?

How the mind-body connection influences your well-being 

Too many of us ignore our bodies. 

We put off peeing until we can't wait a second longer.

We put off eating until we're in a state of low blood sugar – hangry with intense cravings.

We put off rest until exhaustion sets in

We actually forget to check in with how we really feel 

Yet, the consequences of ignoring these important signals are undeniable. When we ignore these little messages, we pay the price because eventually, those turn into louder messages and, eventually, symptoms and conditions. We too often wait until we're in a state of emergency or outright breakdown to take care of ourselves. Learning to listen to our body's language long before we reach burnout is key.  

But it doesn't have to be this way.


In just 7 short days...

You'll learn how the mind-body connection wields a profound influence over your capacity for healing. Whether you’re experiencing low energy, anxiety, overwhelm, or digestive distress, you can use the power of mindfulness to get more in tune with your body and reduce the impact that stress has on your symptoms. By fostering an open dialogue between mind and body, you will be able to tap into your innate capacity for self-awareness and understanding that gets lost when you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed.

When you’re attuned to these signals, whether they manifest as physical sensations or emotional cues, you will be able to address underlying issues more effectively. This week-long course marries my holistic approach to healing, where mental and emotional wellbeing intertwines with physical health. By embracing this interconnectedness and heeding the wisdom of the body, you will empower yourself to navigate the journey of healing with much greater resilience, confidence and insight.

So, are you ready to harness the power of mindfulness and completely transform your life? Your journey of self-discovery and healing starts here.


Mindfulness & Body Connection Course


  • Five in-depth modules
  • Printable guides and PDFs
  • Special discount towards the complete WBK Health & Hormones Course

This isn't just another program...

It's a comprehensive guide to understanding your past behaviors, breaking free from self-sabotage, and creating the consistency you've been craving. No more wasted time. No more wasted money.

What sets this program apart:

  •  Clarity: Gain a deep understanding of the self-defeating behaviors that have held you back. Get clarity on the fears and excuses that create self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can cultivate real, meaningful change.
  •  Consistency: Unearth the secrets to creating and maintaining consistent habits for lasting change with a curated 30-day calendar to help you balance your hormones and support vitality 
  •  Motivation: Unlock an empowered path forward, equipped with tools to overcome obstacles and stay on track no matter what life throws at you.

This program is for those who are looking to stay consistent with their New Year's resolutions. It's for those who want to eat in a way that is simple and move in a way that feels nourishing. 

What people are saying:

Holly Hopay

Words do not describe how much Kelley has changed my life for the better. She has taught me that putting my health first was the best decision I could have made for myself.

I was constantly answering every email or text that came in right away and trying to help everyone else. When in reality, I needed to help myself. She taught me supplements, meditation, a balanced workout routine and implementing the right foods can have such a positive influence on your life.

My lab work over our time working together has drastically changed for the better. I feel the best I have ever been in my life and know her teachings will only take me to the next level. She has coached and shaped me to continue with these lifetime habits. Thank you Kelley for your wisdom, compassion and friendship.

Katie Wilkes

"When I met Kelley, I had worked with a plethora of doctors, nutritionists, and healers and seen no results. I can confidently say working with Kelley was more transformative than any other experience I have had in the last 25 years. Kelley’s approach works because she looks at you as a whole person and approaches your issues from a holistic perspective.

When it came to my body, Kelley helped me foster a healthy (and effective) relationship with exercise.

Kelley guided me through healing the thought patterns and limiting beliefs that led me to a decade-long battle with my eating disorder and helping me find my purpose (to become a coach myself!). 

 Kelley is knowledgeable, professional, kind, passionate, honest, and deeply cares about her clients and members. The investment that I made in working with Kelley will be paying in dividends for the rest of my life—I cannot recommend her program, course, or membership enough.”

What you'll get with this program:

Live Coaching Sessions

In these sessions, you will receive targeted advice on hormone-balancing dietary tips, lifestyle tools, and supplements. Here you will be able to ask questions and create a deeper understanding of the habits that have held you back in the past. 

Guided Roadmap

Learn how to optimize your nutrition and harmonize your body's natural rhythms, paving the way for enhanced well-being. With curated guided meditations for self-connection, metabolism-boosting workouts, and hormone-balancing recipes, you'll embark on a journey that aligns your mind, body, and soul. 

Lasting Results

By committing to this 30-day program, you're not just making a promise to yourself; you're ensuring results. By the end of the program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to break free of old patterns and maintain the results you've been yearning for.

Are you ready to transform your life? 

Don't let another year slip by without achieving the health and wellness you deserve. This isn't just a program; it's a movement towards a life free from self-sabotage, filled with consistency, empowerment, and vibrant well-being.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and break free from self-sabotage? The time is now.

Join us on this transformative 30-day journey!

Mindfulness & Body Connection Course


  • Five in-depth modules
  • Printable guides and PDFs
  • Special discount towards the complete WBK Health & Hormones Course

What people are saying:

Tabatha Caswell

I followed Kelley for about a year and a half before reaching out to her, mainly due to Lupus.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I struggled with inflammation, bloating, feeling tired, in and out of the hospital, and feeling like I needed naps. I was depressed, and my husband was deployed at that time. 

I was so judgmental of my appearance that I didn’t even wear shorts in the hot summers in Vegas. Fast forward to today, and I am no longer taking medication for my Lupus, which is fantastic because those medications have many side effects. I have never felt better in my life as I do now. I know there’s still improvement within myself, but I couldn’t have gotten here without Kelley. I do not know how I will ever be able to repay her for giving me the life that I wanted. Being free from pain every day, inflammation, and feeling down. I thought this was how my life was supposed to be with Lupus. 

Through my work with Kelley, I have come to love myself more than I ever have. This journey has been life-changing!


Coaching Client

"After a long pandemic, I decided to treat myself to a life coach so I could shed the post-pandemic anxiety and was hoping to shed a few pounds as well. I was not prepared for what happened.

Wellness by Kelley has changed my life.

As a physician it was shocking to realize how much of my medical knowledge did not translate to mindful healing my own body.

While working with Kelley, I had the first of many realizations that I was not taking care of myself. Kelley assisted me in starting a morning routine and through our group sessions started me on a changing mindset journey that has helped me heal in so much more than just my physical health.

Today, I am feeling the benefits of my changed habits and I know that there is so much more to come. My sleep, mood, physical strength and capacity to handle stress have improved tremendously. I now take more pride in saying no to activities and commitments that do not align with or interfere with the mental, spiritual and physical needs of my body and the life I am manifesting for my family."

Meet Kelley Nemiro

Hi, I'm Kelley, but you can call me Kell!

I'm a certified holistic hormone coach and pilates instructor. I'm here to help you feel and look the best you’ve ever felt. I’ve been down the path of eating less and exercising more and I know how frustrating it feels to get stuck in the diet cycle and never get the results you're looking for. I’m all about working with your body to balance your hormones and your overall health so you can accelerate your weight loss, have more energy and feel consistent with your moods. 

I completely transformed my life once I learned how to create balance in harmony with my mind, body and spirit.

Now I’m here to help you do the same!

My qualifications:
  • The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York - Professional Training & Certification
  • University of Southern California - BA in Communications Certification & Accreditation
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) - Board Certified & Accredited Member
  • International Association for Health Coaches - Board Certified & Accredited Member
  • Masters in Business Administration - NYU Stern School of Business

Mindfulness & Body Connection Course


  • Five in-depth modules
  • Printable guides and PDFs
  • 1 live workout, recipe and meditation
  • Special discount towards the complete WBK Health & Hormones Course